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New California T6.1 Ocean Arrived at Breeze VW Poole

Maybe like marmite and some are too polite to say what they really think. Surely the front end is ugly and particularly so in that colour. Just an opinion.
I love Marmite and I love that colour combo.
I suspect that bronze colour is probably not going to age well.

I remember my father buying a Morris Marina in Harvest Gold. I couldn't understand then what had possessed him to choose that colour.
Harvest gold - great colour. But whatever possessed him to buy a Morris Marina?!
Coming from a T5.1 I personally really like the front grill - and the copper two tone. Although I would not pay £2,850 for it.

The only thing I'm not yet sure about is the 'concrete' effect kitchen and wardrobe!
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If you search back on this forum you’ll find various negative posts about the design of the T5.1, T6 and now the T6.1 upon their release.

it takes time for eyes /mind to adjust to a new design.
I agree, but still think T5.1 is the best overall look so far. IMO
Look what’s arrived!

T6.1 California Ocean at Breeze Volkswagen Van Centre Poole. Just come off the delivery as we speak.

Finished in Candy White/ Copper Bronze and it’s a 199 DSG.

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Those kitchen doors? Do they need a clean? They look as if something was split on them or is it a protective film?