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I have just spoken to my dealership service manager who informed me his dealership director has just left in his new T6 California for a trip to Italy and his boss asked him to make sure should he have any problems who to call

He has informed me if your vehicle is under warranty you have Road Side assistance and VW will send out help to you where ever you are and try to fix your problem or recover you to a repairer, also going to any approved VW dealership they have to provide you with helpful service to get you back on the road under warranty

Call roadside assistance 0033 472171258

It is always best to call this number before you leave the UK to check you are covered and under warranty
Any warranty work carried out abroad needs to be paid for and then claimed back in the UK. I am not sure why this is?
our warranty is valid throughout Europe and full roadside breakdown cover I would disagree I would not pay for anything its up to VW UK to pay whoever
These things we need to sort out so its clear my dealer tells me the warranty and breakdown is valid anywhere the have approved dealers seems to be and there are dealers in the UK saying well you did not buy it from us so why should we help you

can anyone tell me where in writing where you have to pay for warranty work in advance and claim it back

I have now spoken to VW CS and this is as it is regarding Breakdown and warranty claims

VW only offer 3 years warranty in the UK
Within the rest of the EU they only offer 2 years warranty

AA have contract in UK to recover you to a VW dealer at no cost and dealer will repair any warranty work

As each country within the EU has different ways of doing things you need to check your roadside details , in France you are recovered by the French police to the VW approved roadside company at no cost to you

Within the first two years you are covered for all warranty breakdowns and repairs FOC and no payment is required

If your vehicle
is over two years old then you pay and submit the invoice within 28 days via your dealer for a refund

What they could not answer is I asked who are approved dealers and I was told you need to go to a VW dealer who sells Vans

So it seems our friend with charging problems should go to an approved dealer and they should fix his problem and send him on his way
in France you are recovered by the French police to the VW approved roadside company at no cost to you

Not true, they do come out to help but it is up to you to contact VW assist or insurance breakdown. If left too long the police will arrange to have it towed away and you pay
I am only passing on what VW have told me it does seem you have to read your Breakdown cover