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To answer @Gina-B , foot on brake, leave it in Drive, and let Stop-Start do its thing. If its a long stop, and obvious the queue is stopped for quite a while, I put the handbrake, put it into Park, on and turn off the engine (unless either heating or aircon is needing to run).

To answer @flying banana - yes just like it’s always been. Photo below. You need to deactivate the system each time to turn on the ignition.

A slightly annoying bit of automation in the 6.1 with ACC fitted is that if the car radar detects the vehicle you’re following moves (even a very little bit), the stop-start system starts the engine in preparation for you driving away. This happens when queueing traffic edges forward. It’s not a big thing but I’d like to decide when to move!

That's what I do but I have started to wonder if I should put it in neutral and take my foot of the brake as the brake lights will be shinning into the vehicle behind. So far only tied it once and it took a while to get going.
I went on a speed awareness course once and was told automatic cars are less often rear ended because the brake lights are on when stationery.
Thanks to all for your responses. Good to know what others do.
Even in a manual I always keep foot firmly on brake when stopped at lights etc. Back in the day, I was taught to do that at zebra crossings, to limit possibility of being shunted forward into a pedestrian. Now a lifetime habit.