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VW Commercial Dealers Poor Communication

Hi @Logi Bear im so glad that you managed to get this problem rectified and that the dealership apologized for there mistakes. I hope they learn a lesson form this and look at the technical information supplied by vw more from now on. Hope that you enjoy driving your crafter for meany years to come,for a large vehicle they are so comfortable and easy to drive.
Well thanks again Vw guru you are a star, they are so comfortable as you say just driven this morning 260 miles without stopping like driving my Cali with captain seats ha ha .
We protested when it took the main dealer all summer to fix a steering issue that they had created when fixing an oil leak to the rear main oil seal. I wrote to VW commercial vehicles who contacted me to indicate the complaint had been forwarded to the dealer who was undertaking a review of the issues and who would be in touch with us when they had had time to respond. weeks have now passed with no response; poor customer relation /, quality service.
It has meant that our California Ocean was in the dealers workshop most of the time from June until the end of September! No camping for us this summer!
Lack of detail training for technical staff, lack of effective quality control of the work first done on the oil leak, lack of availability of workshop space / time, lack of a suitable loan vehicle whilst the Cali stood waiting for workshop space, and a cavalier attitude towards the customer , difficulties in contacting the workshop with the usual " leave a contact number, we will ring back" message..
Result is we don't have much confidence in VW agents.
This is almost too bad to be true. Time to name and shame the dealer.