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Ocean - harsh ride

I had a problem with drift to the left and had it all checked out went to customer services and they agreed as the dealer suggested that it’s a design fault with the water tank and kitchen on that side the extra weight made it drift that way. See CS response. You get used to it and the extra wear on the front left tyre.
makes sense! thanks!

its nothing more than a minor annoyance
Our 2021 Ocean is shod with what I believe are the “standard” tyres - 17” 215/60, which run at 54psi. It’s also got the adaptive chassis suspension (unsure of its benefits). I find the ride a bit harsh over poor surfaces, and I’ve seen a YouTube video that seems to indicate that an aftermarket different profile (235/55?) may give a more compliant ride. Not quite yet ready to reshoe the van, but when I am would be grateful for feedback on tyre choices that may give a better ride.
Hi, We have a 21 Ocean and I was disappointed in the harshness of the ride. Its fitted with the 18" wheels and tyres (255/45 18). The OE tyres were those eco tyres, (Bridgestones I think), and my theory is that these tyres have extremely stiff side walls to reduce their rolling resistance and therefore improve the fuel economy. However, this probably only really makes any significant difference on the strictly controlled tests that VW would have carried out to establish the fuel/emissions figures. I also cannot believe the weight of these wheel and tyre assemblies so I also think the unsprung mass is a factor. The tyre pressures aren't so high on this spec. either so you would think it should be better. Anyway, I've recently fitted some Michelin CrossClimates and there is a definite improvement. Still not as good as I think it should be. I don't think it's the basic primary and secondary ride settings. I'm convinced it's the lack of compliance in the suspension bushes combined with the unsprung mass. If you are on a smooth road without too many small, sharp inputs, it's ok. If you hit anything that's a bit sharper it's still too harsh in my opinion. In an ideal world I would invest in some lighter wheels (forged, carbon fibre! I wish) even a lightweight brake set up. By the way check your rear spring isolators. Mine were worn at less than 16000 miles and the springs were metal to metal with the bottom arm. I changed them myself (I couldn't wait for the dealer so I missed out on the warranty). That's how I know how heavy the wheels are. A bit of a ramble but I hope this gives you some food for thought!
I love the tyres and the ride. The winter tyres (top) have a LOT of grip, great ride and are actually quiet. The summer tyres, not as much grip but a good ride and also quiet.


We have a 204PS two wheel drive Ocean and fitted Michelin Cross climates great ride quality and hugely improved traction in all conditions especially when pulling away reducing ‘wheel spin’ moments! Can’t fault them and so impressive in the wet! Will be only tyre we put on the Ocean!
I can second that, went from
65 psi Continental Eco Contact Van Tyres 215-60 R17 (C 109-107T & a spec of 104 H) tyres to 47 psi max Michelin crossclimate 2 XL 235-55 17 103 Y. Better, softer ride, no noticeable difference in economy & great all round good looking tyres in one package!
I love the tyres and the ride. The winter tyres (top) have a LOT of grip, great ride and are actually quiet. The summer tyres, not as much grip but a good ride and also quiet.

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I run at 45psi all around and get 36mpg fully loaded (with water). I carry my water so I know where it has come from and the cleanliness of the filler containers.

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