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Hello from Sunny Suffolk



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Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 2EZ
T5 SE 140
Hi everyone,

My name is Chris Brown and my partner's name is Liz Chard. Last Saturday we became the very proud owners of a Silver California SE 140. We purchased it from the VW centre at Bury St Edmunds near Ipswich. It is one year old and was used as a demo model. It came with only 80 miles on the clock and a host of extra's and consequently, we consider it brand new. We completed the purchase by part exchanging our 2007 Brazilian Bay T2 Danbury fitted Campervan. We owned the T2 for 3 years, and like the new Cali was our only vehicle. We spent the last 3 years with our T2 exploring much of France and loved every minute of it. As Liz and I are now getting to a certain age, we felt it important for us to have much more comfort. We have 2 sprocker spaniels, which travel everywhere with us.

I must say that since joining the owners club, we have found lots of the forum topics VERY useful and informative. Keep up the good work.

All the best

Chris and Liz :hello
Hi Chris & Liz welcome from lowestoft :thumb
I owned an old did you get on with the modern one :?: did you lose much on it :?:
I bet you notice the difference in driving the cali :thumb
Welcome Liz and Chris!

Living in Bury St Edmunds I've had plenty of dealings with my local VW van centre over the years, and have always found them helpful, and knowledgeable... In fact one of their technicians is a member of the Suffolk Bugrs to which I am also a member.

I'll certainly give you a friendly wave if I see you out and about!!

Enjoy your new toy!!
not far away from a very cold Norfolk

Dave and Lisa :D
Re: Reply from Sunny windy Suffolk

Thanks to everyone who replied to our introduction, made us feel very welcome.

We did love the fun of the Brazilian T2, but found it VERY under powered with only the 1400 engine, especially when attempting the very steep hills around the Dordogne. Prior to the T2 we had a T25 with a 2 litre engine but no power steering. With the luxury of the power steering, comfort and all the fantastic "bells and whistles" of the new California it's a no brainer really, but we will miss being able to spot our brightly coloured van in car parks, together with all the smiles and waves from passing motorists!!

I am afraid we did not do very well on the part exchange trade-in, in fact we got half of what we paid originally!!!

We cannot wait for better weather and the start of some great camping.

Kindest regards to you all

Chris and Liz :thanks