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Hello from Norfolk

Chilly Cali

Chilly Cali

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Under the big skies of East Anglia

I'm hoping to exchange next weekend on a fabulous 'nearly new' Cali - and am finding it hard to sleep at night as the anticipation is unbelievable!

Firstly though, a big thank you to the forum - the information available to browse has really helped inform us about the specification that would suit us - it would be a minefield otherwise. Looking forward to tweaking the accessories in the near future. Anyone got any thoughts on the Beige Inka seat covers and how they might look in an ol' blue van?

We won't have a van in time for this COTF, sadly. But will watch this space for the next one.

Fantastic... Great time of year to be starting out... No looking at it on the drive, waiting to get away in it.

Welcome to the team
Hello from Norwich

hope to see you on the road in Norfolk asap

Dave and Lisa :D