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Handover Check List Question



T5 SE 140 4Motion
Hi Folks,

Our spanking new California should arrive in the next couple of weeks, we're excited and looking forward to exploring many beautiful places at home and abroad. I bet Christmas pressies this year, and for many to come hopefully, will have a certain theme.
Anyway, I'm posting today about a Handover List that I noticed on the Forum while browsing a few months ago. I've tried to find it again, but no luck. Would any of you guys happen to know whereabouts it is posted on the Forum, or have the link. Thanks a lot.

its in the Downloads Section ( tabs at top of page)
as just looked for it myself
dave and lisa :thumb
You need to be a VIP to get to the downloads section. All the information is over the public forums, but the download section has it collated into a single place.

Plus you also get other handy downloads and access to the VIP discounts.

I am not on commission from Martin or Kev :)

Thanks guys for responding. I'll just have to become a VIP then. Though I'm from the Groucho Marx school of thought... "I'd never join a club that would have someone like me as a member".

Do I need to have a Pay Pal account, or is there another option?

Best, Caroline.
Hi Caroline if you follow the steps on the first page of the membership page it when you get to page 2 at the bottom it will allow you to pay with a card. Any problems please let me know