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Does my Beach T5.1 2012 have a remotely operated heater?



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Hi, recently we bought used T5.1 VW California Beach. It's awesome, but the remote control for the heater does not work.

The manually operated heater works as expected, but when I press the heater remote "ON" button, it just quickly flashes green light (red for the "OFF" button) and nothing happens.

The manual (I've found in the downloads section, not sure if the correct one) says that I have to set it up in the menu, but there is no "REMOTE CONT" entry in my heater menu.

Does it mean that the heater does not support remote control, or is there anything I can do to make it work? In other posts I've found some notes about "pairing of the remote" but I guess I cannot take it to dealer since it is a used car?

Screen of the manual and picture of my heater/remote attached.
Thanks in advance!


remote - 1.jpeg
Perhaps this helps?


Do you have heater outlets on the lower B post just behind the front seat?
@ThomasHJ Thanks for the suggestion, I tried to go through those posts some time ago. Recently I put new battery inside the remote, no success..

Possibly it might be a fuse, I've checked all fuses in the cabin and none seems to be broken. Unfortunately I've no idea if there are any fuses missing. The fuse layouts I've discovered in the downloads section do not correspond much to the layout I have under the driver seat.

@clarinetbcn yes I have 1 heater outlet on the B post just above the floor, behind the passenger seat. When operated manually, heater works perfectly through this outlet.
If the vehicle has the OEM heater and remote provided by VW, then it uses VW’s own software. I very much doubt if the Webasto method would work.

Worked on my 2008 California, it's a Webasto Telestart system, T91 factory fitted and its the same remote as above which is a Webasto remote branded as VW.