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Colour and Wheels? Decisions, decisions!

T6 Beach Colour and Wheels?

  • Candy White + Cascavel black diamond turned wheels

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Reflex Silver + Cascavel black diamond turned wheels

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Other - please let me know (bearing in mind black interior)!

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters


T6 Cali On Order
I'm now 100% sure it will be a T6 Beach 150 manual. Decided to ditch the DSG. I have the equipment list nailed down too (7 seater set up, air parking heater, discovery media, comfort dash & climatronic, cruise control, parking sensors, privacy glass, DVE).

The interior will be need to be Kutamo black with titanium black trim. I have two tween/teen boys and will have lots of people and equipment in and out of the vehicle after rainy and muddy hikes, hence avoiding the light interior (and using seat cover on the black seats of course).

There are relatively few trims that look good with the black and I have two strong favorites. Please let me know what you'd choose and any 'other' options you like!

I haven't seen any Reflex Silver Calis with the black Cascavels, which worries me! Why not?!?!
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Made some errors in the above poll, but now corrected.
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Personally if I was getting a T6 i'd get it in a T6 only colour, each to their own :)
Candy white with standard wheels would be my choice from your list. Save the money and buy diesel to go away instead :).
Reckon you should add the extra rear opening window - and of course if its a Beach its got to be Grape Yellow - the early T1s and T2s had fun colours yellows / oranges / blues - its a fun vehicle - silver is for BMWs
I was wondering about the extra rear window and may well add that one in.

I quite like the yellow, Tim, but think something more understated will work better where I live. It will be parked on the street in a cul de sac and everyone will clock the vehicle driving around town if it stands out too much. With house break ins to steal Calis, I'd rather not attract that kind of attention.

White is probably a better bet than silver and will save me £606, plus the price reduction for a black awning. The reflex silver is very stark in bright light it seems. It a shame there is not a gunmetal or tungsten 'dark silver', because that would be a nice compromise between silver and the iridium grey (which I, very personally, find a bit dark and depressing).

Oryx White looks very nice, but at what price! Its a bit warmer than the candy white. Lovely.

reserves, I get the idea of getting a T6 specific colour, but I don't think many of them look good with a black interior. To work with the dark interior, I think lighter exterior colours work best. Purely personal of course. Mojave beige is very nice, but probably a bit grown up for me. I say that not as a criticism of the colour, but more, ummm, me. :D

RedCali - you're right. It would be sensible to ditch the fancy paint and wheels and put the money into fuel, but I am not a very sensible person. My lack of sense led me to work in Afghanistan for a decade, which is why I I'm now in a position to splash out a little on the Cali. Its daft, but I really dislike the standard wheels. I know I am being silly...

Van man white is looking better by the minute.

Was tempted by Acapulco blue, but again, this screams for the beige interior, rather than black.

First world problems, eh...
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