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California Beach Heritage Red Edition

Now under deposit will be leaving early next week. Quite sad to see it go but its going to a nice home. :(
TIP: take you time but remember you have do the whole think in one go leave the edges until the flat surface is fully covered then tuck the edges in. I learnt on first side 2nd side perfect.
Who supplies the vinyls for this? thanks!
Gazellio last seen September 2019 so you may get no response.
@westfalia was a good friend of his, he may be able to make contact for you. Usually seen trawling the lowered sections. Praise the lowered :veryfunny
Ok so the Diesel Heating is fitted by Exploria to factory standard. Both Inlet and Exit grilles x2 are VW factory parts. The Webasto 7-Day Timer/On-Off Control is permanently fixed in a great position next to rear bench seat/Lower Bed. It heats the van in minutes and I am a very happy man. They were willing to fit the additional temp sensor for free my choice. They only fit them in about 5% of cases as they believe the system works better using the inlet sensor and that temp difference is marginal and easily adjusted for. Plus another panel would have to have been drilled.

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Hope you're well and enjoying you're cali.
We bought one just over 12 months ago, and we are currently in the process of purchasing an awning and deciding on whether to put an after sale heater in and came across your post.
How is the heater exploria put in working for you?


Well sort of although I would like the Cali back I would prefer a new Hymer BMC-I 580 :)
No, thats not the answer i was looking for!! Time you bought it back and came back to the fold i think?
Me and @westfalia have had no decent threads to watch :(
Agree, :) buy another one gazellio and start modding it again, it will
be easier this time around, although you did make it look easy enough
last time.
Post your Hymer up here, after all this is your thread. :thumb
Not got it yet small matter of £100k without the wife noticing :) Anyway I would love to have both actually I loved the modded "RED EDITION" for daily use but with a wife and two grown kids and a large Boxer dog it simply would not work for 2/3 week summer holidays.
THURSDAY: Webasto Air Heater with Factory Grilles/Vents and 7-Day Timer (by Bed) with additional Temp Sensor if I want it but the fitter says in his experience its not essential as after a few minutes the air is recycled into the intake so warm air is drawn down. He think a 2 degree difference initially but leveling off when warm. Anyway I will decide and probably (although no extra cost) will do without the extra hole in the van plastics.
Gazellio, love your project. I'm tempted to start something with mine... who did your heater please and can you provide price paid and spec I need to get the OEM look please. I've seen some horrendous under seat installs that look cr4p and not what I am after. Many thanks Jon