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Which make of Gas Bottles should one fit for the Grand California 680.

I’m also following up on photos of installation. Due to get the GC soon and this seems like the best solution.
I might be interested in selling my 2x 11kg Gasflow cylinders, I’m just about fully electric and need the extra storage place the cylinders occupy
Oooh. I need to at least get the van first but assuming goes to plan this week….

Are you set up to fill internally?
Has anyone fitted an underslung tank to a GC680 or 600 for that matter. Looks like lots of space underneath? I assume it could be removed it the vehicle was resold? As it has 2 years warranty and servicing I’m also unsure how VW would view the install and also insurers.
I’d prefer the refillable individual bottles mainly as zero ground clearance issues and the above points, I’m not concerned about the barbeque, but have I seen on here I think that fill up points either are not allowing this or don’t like it?
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