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Vango Kela Alternative



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T5 SE 180
Hello, we'd be interested in current thoughts on alternatives to the Vango Kela Standard. I know there are various threads on awning choice but it's always good to get the latest opinions.

Our Kela developed a leak when we were away last Summer, around the valve of one of the main beams where the rubber joins the valve, so it's clearly a weak point. We couldn't get hold of Vango at all (terrible customer service) so replaced the beam via our local tent shop on our return. We've used the replacement beam for the first time today - it's an official Vango spare - and it's split at the seam at the end of the beam.

So we're somewhat nervous about taking this away again this year. What are people's thoughts for a non Vango replacement? We're thinking we will stay away from airbeams unless we can be really convinced that there's something higher quality than a Vango. Also, companies where people have had good experience of customer service.

Apart from the airbeam faults it's been ideal - size, various windows, fly sheets, integrated ground sheet etc.

Looking forward to your replies, and thanks in advance.