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Tyre pressure loss indicator

Paul summ

Paul summ

T5 SE 180
Hi can anyone help I have a 2015 t5 sportline 60 just changed front tyres now tyre pressure loss indicator warning light has come on and the dash says reset tyre pressure. There is no button on the dash and nothing on the multifunction wiper stalk. What am I doing wrong where can I find this reset button?????
Dashboard Multifunction Display.
If you have the multi function steering wheel then it's one of the options on the display, otherwise there is a switch inside the glove box.
I also have a 2015 T5 and was baffled by the lack of button. As WelshGas says, you need to use the multifunction display settings to kill the warning light.

However, in my case the light had come on without any actual pressure drop in the tyres. Last week when our van was in to the workshop for something else, they said they had detected and fixed a problem on the warning light circuit. So as your van is same model year as ours, may be worth being aware of the possible fault.

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