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Restrictions on groundsheets?



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I wondered how often those of you who use awnings/pop up tents & shelters come across restrictions on the use of sewn-in non-breathable groundsheets?

I know some sites have rules about these (and i appreciate why they have them) but we also need a large space for our daughter, relative's children and any future sprogs to play in, in most seasons, and so prefer the sewn-in options on awnings to the removable ones.

Has anyone experienced any issues with site owners not allowing these kind of awnings?

The two we're now down to are the Vango Galli and the new 'Outdoor Revolution Movelite T5 Kombi Flex'
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Never had an issue using tents (pre-cali) or awnings (Vango Kela post-Cali) with sewn in ground sheets, never heard of any issues before either or even been asked about what groundsheet I have.
As someone who had a vango Sapera now called something like kela xl, I would check how much extra space you really need as these awnings are big and the bags big and heavy. We have got by until recently with a Quechua base seconds for kit. It has no ground sheet. As our eldest has had enough of us all we need one again. Probably kela or the kampa pod mini. The cheaper version of the kela also has a clip in ground sheet. I never had a problem with the sewn in ground sheet however the caravan club seem too. We only stay a few days at one place at the most. I don't know if caravaners set up everything and then stay 2 weeks at a time which would kill the grass off!
We usually put down some tarp and floor tiles and I've never came across not having them but then we often don't stay long.
Have a Vango Galli RSV awning but have never used in anger but intend to use on France trip next month; with trip in mind we have done a dummy run on or lawn. It originally came from the Club shop.
There are two silver coloured ground sheets in the attached photos and I think I have worked out that the sheet with the single round cut-out for the blow up beam is for the entrance between the awning and the van sliding door. What I cannot work out is the silver sheet with two two round cut-outs. Will be very grateful if anyone can shed some light on where this silver sheet goes.
I have spent time on search facility without success ( my timidity forced me to explain my prior research )
A thousand thanks