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Only Gone And Done It



T6 Ocean 204 4Motion
Well, after reading copious amounts of posts on this forum and elsewhere, I finally picked up our Ocean 204 4M yesterday from Preston. 250 miles to get home. Windscreen wipers and washers certainly work well. Driving position great. Cruises well, speed creeps up on you which was a pleasent surprise given I was used to a 3.0 litre A6 and was a wee bit worried about power differences. Albeit van was basically empty on the journey, impressed by engine. MPG over 250 miles averaged 35.8.

Like the Discover Media plus. Expensive but nice lady offered to guide me to nearest fuel station when my warning light came on.Never had that before. Looks well integrated, even before fiddling with Carnet etc. Best mapping on any satnav I have had and intuitive screen control seems good.

Voice control seems good but early days yet.

ACC is the business. I've always been reluctant to use CC because of the nuisance of speed adjustment. But ACC seems very accurate, ideal on the motorway. City assist remains to be seen.

Less attracted to the DSG selector layout which obscures the P N D visual confirmation designed to work with LHD vehicles (Audi manages to achieve this on its RHD vehicles). But the DSG itself seems very good.

Certainly less than enamoured by how VW goes about marketing these vehicles. But that's covered ad nauseum elsewhere.

Finally, impressions of Preston Van Centre, Guy in particular, very good (but you know that already). Handover was 2 and 3/4 hours and now I have no money left.
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Seems like a dream come thru....:thumb
you won't worry about the money when you realise you smile each time you drive it.

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