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New beach handover

Things I'm not sure of

Warning triangle / first aid kit
Insect net for rear side window

Yup both the triangle and the first aid kit should be in the rear left hand compartment in the boot.

I didnt get any insect netting.
Hi and sorry to hijack the tread we are in a similar situation :-(
We are complete newbies. We are test driving and hopefully buying an ex-demo Beach next Saturday ..... all advice of what to look for on the day is welcome!
So far we have paid a refundable deposit to take it of sale and the dealer has sent us a video: we have already noticed that the small multiboard matress and the top bed safety net are missing ... surely this is standard?
Also: are 16" alloy standard or extra on a Beach? Brochure and Price list give conflicting info ...
The extra description is a bit vague on the ad and we are waiting email confirming all options .... is the A/C with 3 knobs the standard one?
Thanks a lot
Hi monica welcome.
I am not an expert on the beach but i thought all uk beaches came with alloys as standard.
You should have the multplex board and safety net as standard. I would guess it is standard aircon from your description im not sure if the beach can have the rear climatronic
Im sure someone will correct me if im wrong on any of these points
Cheers kev
Hi Monica,
Kev is correct all Uk Beaches have alloys. Standard was 16" . There were various cost options including a different style 16".
Should have a safety net for the top bed and a mattress for the multiflex board. This is quite a big mattress so a bit confused by your use of 'small' . It forms a third of the downstairs bed. If your looking a a 2 bench seat version then there should also be a mattress on the storage box.
Does sound like climatic aircon. The fully auto climatronic version is an option on the Beach, that has 2 round dials to set right and left temps.
Get them to show you the roof open and check the canvas for any cuts and the roof for any kinks in the aluminium. Also check they lower it properly without trapping the canvas.
Good luck and hope it's the right Cali for you.

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Thanks! Sorry I said "small" because it is not a full mattress (comfort) but yes the one you say is the one I was asking about
Mine came with a small piece of mattress on the multiflex. I think the comfort is extra in the uk.

The nets are easy to find as very few people use them. We never have.
Good Morning,

When collecting a Beach, you should check the following.

Euro Power Cable,
Awning Handle
Tent Pegs,
Curtains for 3 front windows,
Chairs in Tailgate
Raise the roof and check from inside
Mattress on multiflex board in rear
Jack, wheel brace and locking wheel nut key
Book pack in glove box
Table has two clips with black plastic on

If it has a cool/warm box, is the power cable inside.

If you are unsure, please email + I would be happy to help anyone that has any questions.
Ours came with the rudimentary toolkit, part of the jack package. We didn't get a first aid kit - don't think that is standard. There is a warning triangle.

We also got side window screens for both side windows - one was optional extra of course. Although I do recollect them having to get one of the screens from an SE. So someone with an SE from Leicester around this time last year is one short. :)