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Is it a Cali?



T5 SE 174
Popped a deposit down on a 2009 Cali yesterday. Pick up Friday.

Today am looking for insurance and find that neither Go Compare or Compare the Market are able to look up the vehicle model from the registration number. Former offers a drop down list of 9 variants of T30 LWB 174 2009; Transporter, Kombi, Sportline etc all LWB. No California. Latter won't quote - stalls at enter registration number.

I ran an RAC Car Passport check (paid for HPI type service) before viewing and that came back as Make VW, Model TR-PORTER CALIF SE 174 A Bodytype; Motorhome / caravan (no concerns).

So I tried DVLA web site 'is this vehicle taxed' section and popped in the registration plate. Yes it is. Under the Vehicle type approval section it states 'Not available'. So no class as to model / variant there.

I phoned DVLA who state that their records show it as VW, Model TR-PORTER CALIF SE 174 A and has been registered as such since new. They have no concerns.

So am concluding that it is a California - DVLA tell me such and I checked with RAC Car Passport so it must be.

Is this common RE comparisons sites not recording model? Anyone know how to get that rectified? I can't get many quotes at present! Will go try Comfort now by phone.
Hmmm, you need to read the sub forum about insurance.

Whoops. I should have posted it there. Can't see how to delete or move so will leave as is for now.