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How to swap out the spare



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Can't find this raised as a topic so far so I've started as a new topic.

I'm heading towards changing my front tyres for the first time on my '08 Cali, so all the tyres are over four years old. I have an 'as new' spare on a steel wheel. I have read that five years is the sensible lifespan for a tyre, regardless of tread wear. Should I:

(a) swap the four year old but unused spare onto one of the road wheels and take the best used tyre as the spare
(b) leave the spare where it is and replace my tyres 2 x 2
(c) something else?

I've got original equipment Dunlops at present, but intend to go for something different this time. Wheels are standard 16" alloys

Any advice or experience?

I always like to keep the same brand/pattern on an axle so your desire to switch brands and using your spare on one corner would make that impossible.
Personally, I've never replaced a "good" spare. I don't think the 5 year life thing is really pertinent to be honest. All that said, 95% of my spares have been inside the boot; not sure how much a tyre kept outside would suffer (not much I reckon!)

If it starts breaking up / delaminating then yes, replace it but otherwise I'd keep it. Use it if you have a puncture and then either repair or replace the punctured tyre at the first opportunity.
Thanks guys - good solid advice. So I'm going to go with leaving the spare in place and swapping two at a time.