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Hello from Yorkshire



West Yorks
T6 Ocean 150
Hello. I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum for its excellent information.

Over the festive period we moved from a T5.1 that we bought new then had converted (caravelle rails, hilo pop top, slidepod etc) to a California Ocean

We got good money for our own van so the move to the cali wasn’t so bad.

It’s a 2016, oryx white Ocean with a few extras and low mileage.

Over the following few weeks we then embarked on making our own. So a bit de-caroming, side bars, black wheels, spoiler and -40 h&r springs. (Pretty much all the bits we did on last van)

We didn’t expect there to be a huge difference in practicality between our last van and this, but the reality is that it is night and day. It takes us minutes to transform to camper van vs much longer in the old van, which when you have 2 children under 4 every second counts…..

Anyway. I took much advice ranging from size of wheels and tyres, to suspension and ultimately which one to go for from this forum. So hope to become more of an active member and share my knowledge of self conversion and California ‘tweaks’ with others in the future.

Anyway, here are some pics after I recently treated the van to a £1.99 jet wash


Enjoy everything about it
Looks great - the opposite of a BOJ
Lovely van! I’ll look out for you when I’m driving around West Yorkshire!

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