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Hello from Scotland



T6 Ocean 150
Hello everyone
Just ordered a Cali SE and am sitting on my hands until it arrives in July(possibly). Its such a temptation to start ordering extras, and browsing this forum has given me many ideas. It will be me and my dog Harris and we intend to use it when we go hillwalking, all happening when I finally retire, can't wait.
Hi arranvet and Harris; welcome to the forum! :)
Welcome Harris, may your four-wheeled home, kennel, mobile restaurant be a joy to you ...


I am sure your owner will enjoy it as well.

Max sends his love
we intend to use it when we go hillwalking
A pair of boots is much more suitable for that, but it's a good enough excuse for buying a Cali :D

Welcome to the fold!
Thanks for the welcome, this forum lives up to its friendly reputation. I have noticed that most have gone for the 180 engine. I was persuaded by the salesman that the extra power is not necessary. What is the general opinion or is it the case that the 140 "canny pull the skin off a rice pudding"
Welcome aboard. The wait will be well worth it. Mine is a 140 and has sufficient power for our purposes. Used as a daily use vehicle and averaging around 40mpg.:thumb
Hi and welcome ,
Mine is a 2012 SE 140 , find it great to drive !
For me power enough , but i can imagine one want the more powerful...
It is al personal feeling my guess , why have 180 horses in the front and use olny 100....:)
A Cali is a recreation verhicle ( as for me) , but there are many who "pimp" it , lowering ...can't see the benfits af that .
Big alu wheels / low profile tyre ....on a van?
Side skirts and big bumpers
It al depends on you needs and sometimes your wallet:thumb
Thanks for reassurance, I definitely don't come into the boy racer category. What I saved on having the 140 I invested in the 4motion, now more confident i made the right decision, thanks.
Thanks for reassurance, I definitely don't come into the boy racer category. What I saved on having the 140 I invested in the 4motion, now more confident i made the right decision, thanks.
We've just changed from 140 2wd to a 180 4motion, there is not a lot of difference; maybe a little more leeway for those dodgy overtakes ;)
Hi Arranvet, welcome..... Ours is a 140. I find it has plenty of power and am getting over 40 mpg too!

Welcome ! I'm also a keen hill walker and have frequently used my Cali as a base for forays into the hills.

Wherabouts in Scotland are you ? If you're interested we're having a meet of a dozen or so Forum members in late March near Aviemore (see the Informal Meets section). You'd be very welcome. Tent camping on site and accommodation at Glenmore Lodge (a short walk).
Hi and welcome Arranvet. I'm also a hillwalker. I was also a "waiter" it will go quickly you will also manage to get some of the late Summer in hopefully. My one has arrived now and picking up next week so getting pretty excited.

For those other Scottish members while in checking my Cali at Clark Commercials in Aberdeen the dealer principle advised they are about to put six Cali's on a hire fleet for this year so lots of opportunity to 'try before you buy'. They are also running local radio ads featuring the cali and displaying one in the local shopping centre over the next few weeks. So really increasing the profile in Grampian.

As Ewan said if your free come along and meet a few of us at Glenmore.

Enjoy the anticipation and planning.
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Thanks Ewan and Bob for support and invite. As name suggests I live on Isle of Arran. Unfortunately end of March is when i hand over my practice and I will be committed to the new owner for the next couple of months. Still it will keep my mind off the Cali!
You make me very jealous coming from Arran. A most beautiful place. I hope Harris meets Mx one day. We must all organise a doggie meet.
You wouldn't be jealous today, tipping it down,gales, ferry disruption, even Harris though twice about a walk!
Hi Arranvet, congratulations! We took the plunge yesterday on a 1 year old one, picking up in a week. you're going to have a bit more time to plan your outings!!
Keep us posted on the plans!

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