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Hallo Ladies and Gents!



Hallo everybody, i am Karim, from Italy (Verona area).

This is my 3rd T serie (had a T2 Westfalia and a T5 Caravelle before): a white California Beach 25 Edition, 4motion, 140hp (soon to be remapped like the previous) with remoted controlled heater.

Purchased it with a 2 seaters behind but took everything out as soon as i picked it up: i made my own bed and units to be able to carry my motorbike and still camp in my Cali.

My previous Caravelle gifted me with 350k km in 6 years: hope this "small" 4 cylinders will be on par with my old T5 ;)

Cya around! :thumb
Hi karim welcome
I too have owned a t2 westafalia now a T5 california
Be nice to see some pictures of your handy work :thumb
Yep - the van sounds great - pics would be cool.

Here is the beast :)


Here the units i made:



And here how it is now :upsidedown



Want a coffe? :)

Nice work - can see your van is going to get lots of use!
Ciao Diego :)

From april to october a KTM 990 "slightly" modified, from october to april a stock KTM 400: i like offroad :mrgreen:

Where do you live Diego? I actually live near Verona ;)
Nice bikes!! :cool my 1200GS can't fit in the Cali, so instead of the boxer...we ride with a german shepherd and a kelpie...Argo & Liebe :smile

We are quite close, I'm from Mogliano Veneto :hello

Nice to meet you UK :laugh2
Eheh, world is not big enough on the web :p

I had a 1150Gs Adv previously and it fitted on the Caravelle: there wasn't much room left in there with the Bmw :mrgreen:

Maybe one day we could share a beer and you could show me your roof topper: i'd be interested in seeing how it's made :)
Sold my 1150 adv to fund the Honda CR-V we traded in for the Cali, took a test drive of the big KTM 990 and found it a beast of a bike before settling my heart on the BMW 800 gs. Now cannot afford a bike and a van and the van won so no more bikes and lots of space in the van. In truth if I had a bike and a van the total milage per year would justify neither so one or the other and an ex motorcyclist is now a van man.

I think that makes sense.



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Totally makes sense. You know what's my secret to hold both the bikes and the van?

I am not married :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I think you got the point ...

Ok for the beer , may be in springtime?

Just one last thing, are you member of the Italian forum QdE?
Yup, that's me again: i am one of the "pigs" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: