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Child roof bed net, VW dealers rant...



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Hi everyone

My California SE is in the dealers for some warranty work. While I was there I mentioned that I never had a child net for the roof bed, and as my son is nearly three I could do with one. They asked if I had purchased the van from them, if so they would check the PDI to see if it had been supplied with the van. If not they would get one from VW on a warranty claim as it's a standard piece of kit. I explained I had bought the van privately a year ago and the seller said he gave me everything he had received when he bought it. With this information I decided to contact the garage that supplied the van new 2 years ago. The garage is Colbournes in Guildford. The sales manager was out when I called so I left my details regarding my query and he rang me this afternoon. He was rather abrupt and awkward with me not even introducing himself, said he wasn't there at the time of the sale and it's not on the PDI as an item to check, so wouldn't commit to whether or not it was supplied, and VW wouldn't support a claim now as it was three years ago, I reminded him it was only two years ago and I bought the van off the original purchaser a year ago, and neither of us had seen the net. He wouldn't have it and said I could complain to VW if I wanted. Thing is I'm not even bothered if I have to buy one, I need it soon, it was just an enquiry to see if it was even there at all... Can anyone tell me where the net is stored when you receive the van as I may have missed it if it's in some obscure place. And secondly is it only me but are all commercial dealers short on customer care, my local dealer is nearly as bad, they know very little about Californias or the accessories from Brandrup. I think this is shocking when you consider the cost of these vehicles, I bet if you paid nearly 50k for a BMW the standard of service would be impeccable across all dealers. I can't for the life of me see the reason behind a commercial dealer selling these lifestyle vans.....
Enough of the rant... Thoughts appreciated, Thanks
PS I know there are some good dealers out there such as SMG Cowfold who I had the pleasure of dealing with this week, ordering some carpets for the rear of the van. Very helpful and knowledgeable about all things California.. Pity they aren't all like that.

Can't you see that you were being totally unreasonable.....the seller likely fibbed to you......

Buy one...!
We put ours away as we do not need it, I would ask the last owner incase he did the same and over looked it. I feel to expect any dealer who sold the van over 2 years ago to pick up the tab to supply a net which you have bought second hand form a the original owner very unrelistic.
Please tell me its still 1st April ! :crazy
:laugh2 :laugh2 if it was the spare wheel
BerndRos said:

Can't you see that you were being totally unreasonable.....the seller likely fibbed to you......

Buy one...!

Agree with you entirely, get a life and be realistic as you say buy one OMG

John :headbang

There are a few items like this. The flexi light and flyscreens on the Beach are good examples, some have them and some don't and I ended up buying my own light. I think the child safety net is a key item and the previous owner was remiss in not checking and insisting on one when the van was new. I don't think you can expect the dealer to supply one now and as you state you are quite happy to buy one.

Some dealers are great, Citygate (Woodburn Green) fitted an electrical socket in the dash and battery cover for me for free when my Cali was in getting the roof done and I've gone back to them ever since and would buy from them.

I think that the comment about tucking away unused items is a good one. It seems quite plausible that whoever you bought off had taken the net out of the van, tucked it in a cupboard somewhere and overlooked it. My van is only three months old, I know I've put the net somewhere, even after just three months I would scratch my head trying to remember where.

I'm sure there is a part number for it somewhere and it's quite easy to obtain a replacement.

So far I have found my dealer experience to be quite good but no more so than when I bought Range Rovers and BMW's. Yes, it's an expensive vehicle but there are a lot more bits and pieces on it than your average ford focus. When I picked mine up I felt it was my responsibility to make sure everything was present and correct and thanks to this forum I had a checklist of what should be there.
We didn't get one with our demo Beach and by all accounts there should have been one, we we're a bit cheesed off but what can you do ?

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Colbornes were nothing but great when I bought my Beach from them in November...I was really impressed by their service. My net was just lying in the boot with the awning winder thing. I agree with comments's an easy thing to tuck away and forget you ever had...I think this is probably just human error and the dealer doesn't really have any obligation...

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