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Camping with toddling twins...! Help!



Advice please. We have hired a California for a weekend in October to try before we buy a Beach. We have 19m toddling twins... So, has anyone managed this? How and where do they sleep? Any advice much appreciated. I have read some of the threads on here but they havnt fully answered my question. Husband has recommended booking into a hotel (?!) which beggars belief, bearing I. Mind why we are buying a Beach and paying to hire a California! :crazy



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Not quite the same as you (19 month old + 3 year old) but not far off and we just got back from a 14 night trip round Wales. Awesome holiday and we didn't want to come home, kids included. Sleeping wise we split them - one upstairs one down and that works well. Van is really cosy and they sleep better there than at home. Needs a bit if getting used to with the bedtime ritual etc but you just need to get stuck in and see what works for you. Good luck and enjoy!


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Have you read this thread?

No experience of twins but just be prepared to play musical beds until you find what works for you, be relaxed about bedtime as its hard to convince little ones to sleep when the camper is so exciting and other children might be running around shouting in the evenings. We usually let them watch a dvd on the laptop for the first few evenings so they're all tucked in bed at a reasonable hour and winding down. If they're tired enough one of them might fall asleep but if not at least we can relax and have a bit of an evening to relax without them running around getting over tired. The novelty wears off after a couple of nights!

My youngest now has her nap in the beach if we're visiting family or friends as its no nonsense, home from home, rather than trying to get her to nap somewhere unfamiliar which can take ages for her to give in and fall asleep.

Waterproof trousers and wellies are a must pack item, to keep them warm and dry! My 16 month old lives in hers even if its sunny to keep the morning dew or muddy puddles off her clothes.

I hope you have a really great time.

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