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Which dealer did you buy your new van from?

KernowLad said:
The Cali buying experience definitely doesn't feel very "premium" - the van centres are a bit low rent, they never have good coffee (!) and you feel a bit like you're buying an old Caddy or something.

Quote of the week :D

After I have been sat waiting I always feel as though I want to ask for cloth to wipe the oil from my hands and skirt :sad
rippers said:
Well I can now announce I had a PM from Hugh at SMG yesterday after a tip off from another member and he gave me a quote which I was happy with, just had the call and the finance has been approved so my Cali has been ordered :thumb
Estimated week 18 gonna be a long exciting wait! and hopefully long enough to save up for the Sportline parts to fitted at the dealer

I'm pleased to hear that.

SMG look after my Cali and deliver excellent service.

Regarding earlier comments, yes.. the only people who have ever offered me a courtesy call back were SMG checking on satisfaction with Service. Not a peep from the dealers that I bought off after the moment I drove off their forecourt.
Just to put in another positive here regarding after-sales service, I had two calls from John at Bury St Edmunds VW after ordering Ariadne in September, plus emails to update me on the build progress and expected delivery etc. I received a comprehensive handover when I collected on what should have been John's day off (it was the best day for me and he was kind enough to come in just to do the long handover, despite it being the last Saturday before Christmas). I then had a couple of calls from John in the following two weeks, to check everything was going well and to see if I had any questions or concerns about anything.

Reading other people's experiences, it seems I was very lucky, and Bury are my closest Cali dealer too so I will be going there for services as well.

We had good service from Steve at Herritage (Dorchester) helpful not pushy, Art of a good sales person is a balane between , showing and intrest without being too pushy in my view
I have walked away from such dealers it the past. TOO PUSHY as bad as not interested.
Had excellent service and a very good deal from Mark Charles Donnelly Van Centre in Dungannon, train to ferry port then ferry picked up at ferry port 6am taken for some breakfast then to the dealership
Ha Ha Interesting, I bought my Cali From Hatfield, Most useless salesman, he lost me my first Cali i wanted, called him 9 am as agreed, he was so busy didn't have time to call back until next day, the cali on shelf was sold that morning. I still bought one from them wishing i never gave them my money. It is true about VW dealers they never get back to you. few weeks ago we went in to VW dealer about a new car for my wife, ( not Hatfield ), the model we wanted they didn't have sails man said he will get one in for us to see and test drive, when i have not heard from him i called two other VW dealer, not very helpful.
I can second the service from dungannon. Jim has been extremely helpful with our California. I'd definately recommend them and we're in Cornwall!
I am so disheartened with the service of the salesman that I'm on the point if binning the whole idea.

The service was the same when I bought the Beach last year, its the only situation I've ever been in where I have to chase salesman to spend money.. and I think if it wasn't for my perseverance I wouldn't have got the Beach last time around. Seems nothing has changed :doh

Service I have received

SMG, called about a van they had on eBay, gave me a quote, I asked if that was there best offer and never heard from them again, quite a strange transaction and the guy seemed very uninterested.. spoke to Roy. No offer of an alternative van, no quote for a new van. couldn't get me off the phone quick enough. Van is still on eBay.

Robinsons Van centre Norwich, enquired about a pre reg van on the VW used van site which was a good spec, the guy gave me a quote which was good, I wanted the weekend to speak to my wife and decide which we did, called back to place the deposit and the guy told me it might have been sold and he had to speak to his manager. Week passed now and never got a call back despite chasing.. given up now! The van is still on the site and is now £4k more then what he offered it to me for.

Beadles Dartford the best of the bunch, went to see a newly new van they had in person which wasn't quite what we wanted, but he spent a lot of time putting the spec of a new van together with me but sadly only a very measly discount meant I had to walk away.

Colindale - with the new van spec decided I tried to phone around to compare prices 'sorry we do not discount Californias' very blunt to the point and didn't offer anything else.

Hatfield - Called to speak to a new van salesman left name and number.. No call back
I must admit to being scepticalof them anyway as their used vans are the dearest on the VW site so didn't hold such hope (used vans at new prices).
I must tell you about an experience with the above dealer last year when we enquired about a SE they had, I spoke to a guy and made an appointment for me and my wife to have a demo the following day, go to the appointment to be told it was the guys day off!!, the other sales guy seemed very put out to try and help me and showed me another van which he had been using personally that was down the road in a Tesco carpark. I asked for a quote.. never called me back. Never heard back from the guy that made the appointment.

So now I have finalised my new van spec I just need to order it and I'm about to place my deposit through Drive The Deal but before I did, I find it interesting reading about deals that you guys have had at dealers, including matching Drive the Deal and free accessories etc I'm struggling to get a call back let alone a discount! so who did you guys use and what deals did you get? Can anyone recommend a dealer (and the salesman?) I'm prepared to travel when spending £50K!!

We bought our Cali from Guy at Preston who was very good. We also had a very good informative meeting with Alan in Manchester. Chose Preston because it was closer to home for servicing & any possible issues.
Good luck