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What (if any) defects have you found with your new T6

The wardrobe light stayed on when we first bought the Cali but I stuck a tiny blob of Surgu on the plastic push pin and a tiny blob on the hinge that is supposed to close and push the pin, seems to have worked so far.

Our problem is the interior led lights, when set to “driving mode” ie. supposed to come when we open the vehicle, they flash randomly in the night, which is really annoying and surprising when you catch sight of it lighting up on the driveway. It seems to be related to slight movement but not quite sure how. We tried disconnecting the Dashcam in case that was “waking up” the system but to no avail. So we have to keep the interior LED’s set permanently to “camping mode” instead.
Exactly the same with our back door card. Some plastic bit broken from new. There appears to be a batch of the faulty back door card from May 2017.
Parking/overnight heater failed twice. These things always work when tested at home and fail when away on site, brrr.