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Vango Kela III versus Galli low ?

Mark Garrett

Mark Garrett

Cookham, Berkshire
T6 Ocean 150
Hi everyone,

With a Cali on order and a family with 2 children + #3 on the way, we are looking for a large drive away awning which will have a bedroom insert.

Can anyone explain the differences between a Kela III and the Galli please?

I can see that Galli fits parallel to van (but is it handed, ie ) and the Kela is at right angles.
Also that the Galli has a protruding porch area...

Thanks in advance!
The Galli is substantially larger than the Kela. With a bedroom insert virtually half of the Kela is lost, with the Galli its about a 1/4 or less
The gallI 20160527_173732.jpg runs parallel with the van wheremail as the kela comes out at a 90° angle
Our gallI insitu
You can substantially enlarge the Kela by attaching it to a fully extended Cali awning.

I have no idea if the same can be achieved with a Galli to a similar effect.

I'm considering buying side panels for my Cali awning to increase the options in poor weather.

The Beach has bags of space on the lower bed for three to sleep comfortably, especially so if one or more is a pre-teen child, so I doubt you'd need a bedroom for your awning until your eldest reaches adolescence and requires more privacy.

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We have a Vango low kela with no sleeping section and it's quick and easy to put up. Not what you are after but think about space for your awning in the back. With 2+ children you will need space for their stuff!
I would not buy another driveaway awning. A large tent would be less hassle, imho.
I would not buy another driveaway awning. A large tent would be less hassle, imho.
I'm currently in Krakow, and after several days of very hot weather 35+ the rain has come. Being able to move seamlessly from van to tent is a real bonus. Lining up with the driveaway is simple if you are prepared to use the Cali awning to give a gap between tent and van. You just need to make sure your distance forward is more or less correct, and you are more or less parallel to the tent.

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Yes, but I do not want to sit and look at the side of an awning. Depending on the pitch/ site not always possible.
Thanks everyone,

The Galli looks great in that photo MarkM, I need to look at dimensions of both options.

We rented an Ocean earlier this year from a fellow Cali member and I've since learned that the awning was a Kela III XL, which was pretty big - for car seats/storage plus it had a sleeping pod.

I have no doubt that with a baby joining the party we will need more space - but as Volky rightly says, these things are bulky to pack away...

We haven't gone for the side awning as dont see many options to use that initially.

Thanks, still undecided!
Hi All and sorry to hijack!

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