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Vango 2017 Range and Galli with Left Hand Attachment



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Just spotted the Attwoolls preview video for the 2017 Vango Range.

The reviewer mentions that on the Galli they will now be offering a door on the opposite side for people with 'European vans'. This could work for Cali owners too. (Galli bit starts at 5:20). This would mean the van could be parked facing forwards with the awning attached as opposed to be backwards now (as below in the photos from Blue Beach).

My question: is there a significant advantage to having it either way? It would seem to make sense to be facing the same direction as the awning but would it cause problems on any sites in the UK if the awning was on the right and the van on the left? I don't have an aesthetic preference as I think both look fine but I did wonder if there are any practical issues I'm missing.
If you use the caravan club they insist on the awning on the right, you have to leave the space on the left to park your car! (they have rules and warders to enforce them)
At camping and caravanning club sites on hardstand with a Vango Kela II I find I have to park at 90 degrees to ensure the awning is completely on the hardstand - they wouldn't let me have any even a couple of inches on the grass as that breaks the 6m (fire break?) rule to the next pitch. I think the Galli is even bigger...
The Galli is pitched parallel to the van whereas the Kela is at right angles which helps.
I have just spoken to Vango. The Euro version will be available in the UK and will be the same price as the 'non -standard' version. It is down to individual suppliers to make the orders.