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Unique RHD Westfalia California T4???


Rob L

T4 PopTop
Hi all, currently have a 1993 Westfalia California imported into UK in 2004 and fully converted to a righthand drive. I've owned it since 2007 and love it! Just wondered if there are many others around? Rob
Intriguing. Which side is your sliding door on?

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Hi - right hand side, behind drivers seat. It's a German van that was converted in 2004 in Cumbria after being imported. I've got it's German history and most of the the history before we bought it in 2007.
The only clue that it was a LHD is the carpet has the vinyl inset foot thing on the left and the handbrake is still offset to the left.

Blimey. That’s a lot of work and quite likely one of a kind. I’m quite a fan of my Westy being LHD. It makes every journey feel like I’m off on holiday - even the ones to work.

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