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Towing Caravan with Cali

Looked at the Swift base camp at Eroica bike festival at the weekend and I thought it looked looked good, simple and practical. Probably a good option with a beach as a family car. Love the folding seats to get bikes etc in. Laminate floor so easy to keep clean. I’m wondering if their might be a hire market for that type of thing.
We eventually decided against the Swift or any other small caravan - although the extra space and loo etc would be great, eveything else (towing, parking up en route, manoeuvering on site, pitch size issues, speed reduction on mway, general hassle) wasn’t. We’ve pared back our kit and now looking at a Fiamma bag (separate post).
Found this on an ‘idiots in cars‘ subreddit.
I am looking to purchase a towbar and caravan for my 2007 California.
Is the Cali a good towing vehicle for caravans?
Is it worth fitting the correct tow bar?

One of the best tow cars I’ve had
In Germany loads of caravans pulled by vw vans. Very stable at speeds up to 110 kph
Doesn’t hit fuel consumption too bad … I get around 30 mpg towing up to 65mph
Do you have enough clearance for an Alko hitch?
Our caravan is a 2007 with an Alko hitch, assume they haven't changed on new caravans. I hitched it up earlier today. When i hitched it up at an angle i took some picture. I don't think you would be going much over this angle. There is about 15mm clearance but its close. Always worried when i take it off and the brake mechanism extends the hitch. Always try and move the caravan back with the mover. Hope this helps.



Just looked at our mpg and don't know how Geoff gets 30mpg towing! We normally get mid 30's solo and low to mid 20's towing a 1400kg caravan at 60mph. If you use adaptive, it is low 20's. I tend to drive steady due to 2 dogs on board as well.