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The wait is over!



Big B
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T5 Beach
Picked up my Beach on Tuesday and love it.
It's blackberry and I'm really pleased with that decision as we had considered yellow!
I think today will be another day spent playing with it.
Thank you to this forum for being an invaluable source of information.
Yellow looks good in showrooms and brochures, but on your driveway or at a nice quiet place in the forrest it is overkill ...
Blackberry is a nice colour, fits in discretely on isolated lay-by's.


when are we going to see some pics? First accessory to buy, the kettle, then the camera :D
Very nice

1963 15 window splitscreen
2015 California SE 180 DSG Blackberry metallic
Yes got the Xenons. I was also going to get the dealer fitted LEDs in the bumper as I like the look of them but they aren't compatible with the Xenons. The dealer only found out once they tried connecting them...oops!
Filling up the bike rack is easy as we have 3 kids, so we've got the 3 seat bench. The middle row two seats are in the study at the moment and will come out when the Grandparents visit.
I've spent the last few days fitting all my Brandrup accessories, I got the seat covers and back of seat storage.
Next to fit is the roof rack. Halfords don't stock the feet for Thule aero bars so have them on order from elsewhere.
SD card is now fully loaded so that's the music sorted.
My friends keep teasing me cos I keep parking it crooked. You'd think that with a rear camera it would be easy!
Looking forward to sleeping in it tomorrow, think I might have the heater on though.
What has surprised me is being acknowledged by other VW campers on the road.