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T6.1 Carplay issue/help



T6.1 Ocean 199 4Motion
Hi everyone,

I'll keep this short and hope someone may have had the same issue and fixed it.

I have a T6.1 Ocean with the full touch screen radio.

Carplay since day one has not worked correctly and the vans been in 3 times and still no luck.

Problem is - when playing music with apple music the tracks which are not downloaded to the phone buffer or pause for minutes before playing again. Same if I play via bluetooth instead of apple music.

Note: I am using a Iphone XR - Is it an iphone issue?

To confirm it is definitely not a data issue with the phone.

Looking forward to your replies and help
Does this happen even if you have a strong 4G signal?
Have you connected to the van via Wi-Fi?

I did that to mine & it stops the phone using the phone data as it try’s to download via the Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi data package for the van it won’t actually download anything hence the music stops.
There is a no option somewhere to use phone data rather than Van data - try this if you haven’t already. Data via the van was not good for me - I think it may only use 3G, not 4.