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Southern site recommendations



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Farnham, Surrey
Cali now sold
We spend forever looking online for sites and always manage to find good places but where are your hidden gems?

We really enjoyed staying at East Fleet over half term and the kids loved the site.

Can anybody recommend a good site south of Cambridge and north of the Isle of Wight that has:

A good shop
Excellent showers/toilets
Decent views
Hard standing and EHU
A good play park for kids
Games room
Is dog friendly
Has a pub/club on site or very close
Take-away facilities
Loads to do locally....

Caravan club littlehampton.

Don't know about the shop but Morrison's is a short walk away, Waitrose at Rustington about two miles away, Littlehampton town centre about 1/2 mile away.

2 and 4 are Caravan club standard so excellent.

3 is not brilliant but who wants to stay in?

No games room.

Doggies allowed.

Pubs practically on the corner, the Locomotive favoured slightly above the six bells, although for an adventure-packed evening wandering down the road to the labour club or football club. especially on Friday and Saturday evenings, is brilliant. Watching the local constabulary strutting their riot-control stuff and dishing out the ASBO enforcement is amazing.

Take away? Loads: Domino's down the road, a couple of Indians but the Sun Wah does the business, providing you have packed the immodium.

For kids, boats in the harbour, small amusements on the harbour park, Pebble giving way at low tide to shingle and sand beaches on both sides of the River Arun, best of all quiet and relatively uncrowded even during peak months (Especially on the Western, Climping) side: riverside walks, South Downs with load's of walks, nearby the relatively quiet Museum of Military Aviation (Duxford? This place is as good as, privately run by a volunteer army - or should that be geriatric fighter wing) - seriously, huge with lots of good stories told. Based in what was Tangmere fighter base and from where Neville Duke, in a Hawker Hunter, set the world speed record. The other end of the 3km course is marked by a stone plinth down a residential road in Rustington.

For Adults: Ford open prison nearby, nearest main building to the Road is the Laundry so loads of opportunity to do a bit of sleazy-celeb spotting, tax-fiddling MP watching, corrupt-councillor laundering clothes instead of money and often the odd inmate wandering out of the gate to go AWOL.

For the Genteel: Arundel is quaint and dominated by the Duke of Norfolks castle. Sip tea genteey in one of the many tea rooms watching the great and the good tax avoiding gentry wandering up for afternoon jollies.

For the wine connoisseur: A private collection of 600 bottles 4km away at the Eastern end of the World Speed record course and a welcome to any VWCC member, providing you can find the old tart in. (she's often toodling about in her Albert)
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Thanks @GrannyJen, you are not the first to recommend this site so we are going to have to give it a go.
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