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Possible WTO/Brexit 10% tax implication

I ordered 12th aug and also have a week 43 build date which i am told is end of October.
How long from you placing the order with the dealer did it take to get the confirmation of the build week ?
How long from you placing the order with the dealer did it take to get the confirmation of the build week ?

About 3 weeks.

Actually scrub that. I just checked with VW online chat and mine is week 45 build starting 2nd Nov
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The Elephant in the Room is Covid 19. A vehicle manufacturer has to have a market and that market has to buy. Yes sales have blossomed for Campervan etc but it won't be sustained. GDP will fall for every country, disposable income will fall, prices will fall, manufacturing costs will fall, 2nd hand markets will have a glut of vehicles and prices will fall. The manufacturer will have too options, keep the price and cut production or keep production and cut prices. Who knows what will happen. Something will.
Spot on WG.

IMO now is not the right time to be buying any luxury vehicle as they are the first things to be hit in a recession and we are heading that way.
So if Boris & Co. don't come up with a sensible solution with the EU, a 10% tariff will apply to our order after 1st January. On ours that will be around £6,500! That's not something we would be happy about, obviously.
My question is, if this is to happen, are you legally obliged to have to pay this or can you withdraw from your agreement, penalty free? Liverpool said that we'd not lose our deposit and could just cancel. Is this correct? I'm guessing that under consumer law, you have a chance to pull out of the deal you signed up for if the price changes. Or you can continue with the order if you pay the 10%. If that was the case, how is that 10% added - to the PCP, deposit, up front??
We are literally about to pull the trigger on ordering a Cali, but we would feel a lot better if we have an opportunity to cancel at no cost. Liverpool quoted a £500 deposit, another dealer said £1000. I wouldn't want to lose either though. I also wouldn't want to have to cancel my order and I hope something gets sorted.
Ireland is in the EU but we have to pay an extra 13.3% on new campervans as our Government brought in a new Tax called VRT ie Vehicle registration Tax , so your lucky in the UK
I think the UK and the EU will strike a deal in the end as there's to much to lose by the uk and the EU if there's no deal
I doubt the vw california is sold cheaper outside the EU than here (if so, there are no or lower import taxes on these goods or agreements between EU and non-EU countries); as an example: in the USA they are not sold because the various taxes are too high and would make the california too expensive. I hope with you that Volkswagen will keep their prices on which the import tax is calculated low, but fear it ... they don't do it for such a large potenial market as the USA.
I hope everything goes well for you with the decisions your leaders make :thumb
The US market for a van like ours for current American buyers I feel is a small one, unlike the 60’s/70’s the Americans of today have so many bigger/better home from home RVs from home grown manufacturing to choose from.
Interesting article here, the cost to the whole of the EU as opposed to the cost to the UK.