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Pitching our Awning - any advice from seasoned pros?



Dorset, England
T6 Ocean 204 4Motion
Hello all,

We are very new to the whole camping world, we bought our VW Cali really to transport our two Great Danes in style, but then picked up the bug for going on holiday with it.
We had a few local outings for one night each last spring, then decided to buy the movelight T4 blow up awning for a 5 night trip to Padstow last summer. Once we got there it did take us a very long time to set up and we looked very silly, so in preparation for our next long trip with it we are looking for advice.

1. general advice from anyone who has the movelight t4 air beam awning, any trick of the trade with putting it up?
2. We believe we are pitching on the gravely hardstanding on our next outing, so what do we need to be able to pitch on this easily, compared to pitching it on grass, as most of our practice runs have been in our garden on the lawn?
3. Any general advice from seasoned pros about drive away awnings?

Thanks so muh in advance,
:D x