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Newbie: Question on Finance Application



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Hello there I'm new here and after much soul-searching (and conversion-company visiting) my wife and I *think* we're decided on a Cali!

At the moment we have been living abroad for 4 years (both UK nationals), returning to the UK in the New Year. I am wondering how this would affect our finance application, as we are not currently on the Electoral Roll?

We've kept our house in the UK and intend to move back there. I'm a current Experian member with an 'excellent' credit rating, but I do not want to apply whilst we are overseas if this is turned down, as a failed application is a massive credit black mark. In addition I still work (remotely) for a UK company, so still hold my UK current accounts/mortgage etc. It's just the electoral role thing.

If we wait until we come home, then with the 12-week waiting list, we'd need some other transport in the interim and the Cali was going to be our only vehicle.

I wonder if anyone in the trade on here can advice if this is likely to be a problem & we should wait until we're back home. I'm not sure if we can register on the Electoral Roll before we get back (and pay council tax) to get around this (but that's not for this forum!).

This forum is such a fantastic source, I've already grabbed a wealth of info to save many pitfalls. Thanks to all you guys, can't wait to be a Cali owner!

Andy & Karen, Cayman Islands
Hi there and welcome. I would give smg a ring they are a vw dealership and our main sponsors
They are also very helpfull they should be able to advise you :thumb
I would suggest calling Volkswagen Financial a services. They are very helpful in my experience.

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Thanks guys, I'll give them a phone... trying here first as I'm 6hrs behind GMT and if I dont call before 10am they're usually all home :)
Another point worth noting is that VWFS, in my experience, are quite relaxed on their scoring. Against a Cali they're getting good security.

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]Another point worth noting is that VWFS, in my experience, are quite relaxed on their scoring. Against a Cali they're getting good security's metal that we buy, Cali or's doomed to be baked bean cans at some time.......

If they are relaxed in their scoring its based on a desire to shift units......
It will all depends on the finance company in question. They all have different ways of scoring, but I think you will struggle on this one, as they all normally want 3 years address history from within the UK. However as you've always owned a place here it might be different.We use numerous finance companies, so if you like me to get one to get in touch, let me know :thumb
thanks Oli that may be a good shout - I'll pm you my details