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Multi Function Displpay Illumination



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What do folk do at night about the light emmitted by the multi function display. I've looked through the handbook and can find no way to turn this off without using the master switch which then also shuts the fridge down which means its not really an option, warm beer and all that. Its really anoying when you,ve settled down for the night in what would be pitch darkness only to have this street light beaming out at you. I've resorted to hanging up anything that comes to hand from a tea towel to a pair of kegs but currently stick some gaffer tape over it which just doesn't feel right for a vehicle of this class. Any other bright (excuse pun) ideas out there. Off for a weeks touring this weekend so appreciate any response
Ps i've tried but failed to sleep in welding goggles so don't offer that one.
regards Keith.
Hi Keith, ours does dim down to an almost acceptable level after 30secs or there yours the blue or grey display and is it not dimming at all :?:

Chris its a blueish light and doesn't appear to dim at all. My Cali is a April 2010 180 PS DSG model.
cheers Keith.
Ours is 2010 and doesn't dim. I like to see the clock but not so bright. I've come to live with it but if offered a decent solution that isn't too botchy... I would probably take it!
You may laugh but I use a blindfold that came with my pj's works a treat.
Arghh !! talk about seeing the light, I've not thought about that option and we have a couple of them from a long haul flight last year. I shall dig them out. Travelling 1st class now thats more appropriate to travelling in the Cali instead of employing the gaffer tape option.
cheers Keith.
Hey I said nothing about handcuffs. I think you are going :offtopic :rofl
I'm quite happy with my cali as the light goes out completely!
Seems like the old shape cali is better if you want a good nights kip.

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