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North Lincolnshire
T6.1 Ocean 150
We bought our Cali Ocean at beginning of the year and have recently completed a tour of West Scotland which was very enjoyable (a bit different to North Lincolnshire where we live!). 'Have had the usual warranty issues which are well covered in the club forums i.e. the roof doesn't stay up and as the sag is less than 10-20 cm, VW won't investigate any further. This is the guidance from their technical department. More concerning is the water ingress when it rains through the pop top roof canvas, particularly the front panel (although the sides have leaked slightly as well). The rain appears to penetrate (not always when there is a corresponding driving wind) and drips internally along the horizontal seams (see photos below inside and out). This will be investigated by our local VW van centre and I'll update when they've finished.

IMG_20231006_075716200 (1).jpg

I really feel for new owners. Ours is not effected by the leaks as it just predates the change in canvas spec., but we know people it has impacted.

We toured NW Scotland earlier in the year, and we were totally blown away by the scenery and people. We’ve decided the next time we go up there we’ve got to go out to the Western Isles too.
I'm afraid your leaking canvass is going to be a massive pain in the ass. Have a search and read using the magnifying glass