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JCB Group / Eurovans - Good Customer Service



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T6.1 Ocean 204
We bought our '23 Ocean via Drive The deal and Eurovans Crawley. The whole proces was smooth and painless. When the 50/50 deal was announced in October they allowed us to change our deal so that we could take advantage of the finance deal, and the 5 years of service, etc. Mike kept us inforned, and the van arrived ahead of time. However, we did have a couple of issues crop up after taking ownership. Tracking was off, rear tailgate leaked, bellows leaked. We got in touch with our local dealership in Colchester, made an appointment, and all seemed fine with the fancy forecort. However, when we went to pick up the van, they said that the tailgate did not leak (even though I showed them pictures), and that their "master technician' said that the steering was fine and that if we insisted it was not they would charge us £650 for the tracking if the steering was found to be 'within spec'. They did not even look at the bellows. They basically gaslighted us and treated us like we were idiots.

So, I got in touch with Mike at Eurovans, and he said they would take care of it the following week. We brought the van to them, had to leave it for more than a week, but when we picked it up the tailgate leak was fixed, and the tracking was spot on. They gave us a Multivan as a loaner for the whole time, and communicated status throughout. (Even if I had to prod a bit.) Dean also conveyed the status of the bellows, and that they had one ordered for us to be installed in January on arrival.

So, all in all, a good experience.
You will find mixed reviews on here for Eurovans, but my experience was also good with them, glad they sorted you out.
Always good to post experiences, good and bad. Helps potential purchasers a lot.

I find a lot of people have unrealistic expecations of dealers and sometimes vent those through here.

We had the same experience with EV - good deal, good service and given the number of vans they deal with would be happy to use them for servicing and repairs if closer. We had the same experience about keeping informed but the reality is they would spend 24h a day doing just that job if we let them.

If I needed info I rang them, rather than just emailing and expecting instant responses as modern thinking seems to be.

As it is I’m landlocked in middle England (for now) so we used Brian Currie in MK for servicing. They were good, but a van centre that does not sell Calis, so would only trust them on the Transporter side. Cali side I get more info and help here.
Was that Mike Wool or the other one?
MW was a total gentleman, and helped me secure £8k off list. So all good.
I had issues, but they are now resolved and can concur EV are good guys :thumb
Yes, Mike Wool was the salesperson, and was helpful both before and after the sale. Yes, we needed to chase a bit, but I'm ok with that. We don't really need mollycoddling.

I think it's important to balance the negativity, which all too often seems easy to express, with some positivity.
Just to add my agreement with this thread, very happy with the service both from Mike Wool and Eurovans (via DTD).