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Hello and a question - basic kit?



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Yorkshire, UK
I'm due to pick up a Cali on the 25th June from Parkway in Leicester. On the 27th we're off on there ferry to Zeebrugge, travelling down via Germany (visiting a mate) to the French Alps.

We're used to travelling abroad on motorbikes and cars so that bits not a problem.

Having said that we have never owned any type of camper van before and I need to have the basic kit in place when we go. My list so far includes:
Gas bottle(907)
Bedding (Duvalay)
Plates/cups etc.
Glasses (unbreakable)
Pans (of some sort)
Water container
Spirit level
12v adaptor
Hook up extension (10 metre)

Other 'possibles' include levelling chocks (do I really need them?), and .an iPod adaptor (does the 2012 cali have the vw/audi plug in for an iPod?).

Am I missing anything vital :?:

Hi there welcome along
Looking at your list I think you have most things covered
Will you need a porta potti? I have a small fiamma bio pot that fits in the back and sits at the end of the bed at night.
If you look in my shop
You may find something in there you may need for your trip :thumb
Roll on the 25th :thumb :thumb
The pans want to be 16cm ideally. Any bigger and they can melt the washing up bowl.

Don't forget legal stuff. GB sticker (if you don't have a Euro plate) reflective vests, breathalysers.. Etc.

You seem to have most stuff covered and there will be plenty of shops on the way! It'll be easy now that you are not restricted to one pair of pants, a toothbrush and a credit card!!
We have two sizes of levelling blocks and very rarely use them. Often preferring to park at a 'jaunty angle'

We so have an iPod adapter which is available as an option.

Some of the travel/camping shops in Germany are awesome...

Oh, what about a small kettle?
Windbreak to go around awning? Seat covers?
We do not have an ipod adapter, we just use the aux in with a £5.99 cable.

Only downside is that it does not charge the ipod so you need that as well.

If I have any regrets in the spec i went for it would be to have the iPod adapter and Blue tooth put in as standard when I ordered.

Might as well have gone the whole hog when ordering such an expensive 'toy' that I'll probably spend more time in than any car I've ever owned.

Only other items I would recommend. Bike rack and bike...
Many thanks for the responses.

Reassuring to know that we've got most of the bases covered. I forgot to mention the kettle, we do have one. First rule of a british traveller together with real tea bags.

All the legal stuff is in hand except the breathalyser but they sell those on the ferries.

Thanks for the idea of the windbreak and seat covers. I assume you mean the purpose made ones. I'll have a look at them ta.

Thanks also for the pan diameter info. The wife's raided Matalan for some small stuff that should fit the bill.

She's also vetoed any idea of a porta potty. Can't think why. Says it's something to do with my habits. Still we're campers at heart so we're used to the sprint for the campsite facilities.

Once again thanks to all who responded :thanks