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Good Cali Day



I have my ups and downs with this van. Great holidays, great drive, great picnics

But too many parts failures and the constant fear that more will fail

Yesterday was a good day. Bought a pinball machine, these things weigh 150kg. Moving them is one of life's most stressful and hazardous experiences. The chance of damage to you, the machine, your vehicle, your home and whoever is helping you is high

I used to use my estate car for this onerous, once every 5 years job. But with the Cali it was so much easier due to extra height in the back. I removed the limit stop on the sliding seat (5 mins)' slid the seats right forward and voila. Plenty of padding to prevent mishaps. Space on the back seat for the sack barrow.

No damage to anything or anyone.

Well done vw