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Esp coming on but not staying permanently. Loosing my mind



T5 SE 180 4Motion
Hi guys, iam losing my mind spend already little fortune looking for the problem but nobody seems to know why or what is going on.
So long story short bought t5.1 2.0bi-tdi 180hp and after a while noticed that whenever i have harder turn right esp starts to kick in.
So changed brake calipers as one mechanic said that it getting stuck (pressing too hard and kept for a bit before starting to drive) - Didn't helped.
Another one suggested to go and do 3D wheel alignment (done) - didn't helped.
Any ideas ? Its something weird that its only when im turning right. Simple turn out of motorway kick it in.
Abs wheel sensor faulty ?

get yourself a Carista and read any fault codes, abs sensor cheap easy fix

Malfunctioning steering angle sensor: the steering angle sensor helps the ESP system understand the angle of the steering wheel. A faulty sensor could send incorrect data to the ESP system, causing it to malfunction. Damaged wiring: any damage to the wires within the ESP system can lead to ESP malfunction
Does sound like a sensor or sensor wiring error. Invest in a proper OBD2 ready and save a bundle, especially useful on an older vehicle. If you are mechanically minded when you can precisely pinpoint a problem, the remedy might only involve replacement of a cheaply sourced part. You could potentially save hundreds of euros.