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Condensation inside the kitchen units



Cold weather seems to be causing condensation inside the kitchen units. All the glass has etc are damp. Don't think anything has leaked. Assume that warm air version when the vans in use and then condenses when it gets cold. Half full bottle of water was half frozen so inside was very cold.
Anybody else have this problem ?
I used to suffer from lots of condensation on the windscreen after temperature changes. I put some 250g bags of silica gel in the van and it's been bone-dry ever since. They're cheap and easily sourced (eg EBay).

You could do the same in the cupboards - be quite easy as the volume of air in the cupboard will be a lot less than the whole van.

I thought it best to get sorted - thought the smell of mould and mildew would take the edge off my pride and joy!
This is our third winter and this is the first year we've noticed it. Maybe something to do with the weather patterns?

We've taken to leaving the cupboard doors open to improve circulation and we've put a charcoal bag: ... ifying-Bag

in the cabin, to control moisture.

Don't think it's serious and can see no signs of lasting damage so hoping that it was a bit of a once off