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Camping gaz / calor gas



T5 SE 180
Hi guys, we've just picked up our new Cali, and are trying to work out how the gas works. 1. We're not sure whether we definitely need the camping gaz rather than calor gas,
2. If we use camping gaz, do we need to by an adapter for the regulator ?
3. If we want to use the gas bottle for a gas BBQ, can you use either types of bottles?
4. Anyone know the cheapest place to buy one?

Many thanks.
Hi there,

The Cali uses CampingGaz 907 cylinders... It should have come with the appropriate regulator.

The gas cubby is designed specifically around the 907 cylinder size for sealing and to stop rattling.

It's easy enough to get another regulator (pretty much any camping/caravanning shop) and use that for a BBQ.

We carry a pare cylinder too, so no need to remove the main one.

That being said, a couple for years ago we started to use a couple of canister stoves (very cheap) and cast iron griddles for our outdoor cooking.

Hope this helps.


Thanks mark. It came with a regulator, an EN61 with a right angle connection but the camping shop I went to said I would need an adapter to go from the regulator to the 907 bottle, have you experienced this or can you just connect the regulator straight onto the gas bottle?

Thanks. Ian.
Standard fit for a Cali is 907 as said above and it should come factory equipped with the correct regulator. If yours is pre owned it may be that the previous owner changed it but this seems silly as the storage container is designed for a 907.

Thanks. I'm not sure if I'm confusing the issue. If you look in the manual it talks about connecting a safety value to the bottle and then the regulator that is fitted to the orange tube. What I think we are missing is the safety valve that connects to the bottle. Has anyone else found this? Do you all connect the regulator to a safety valve and then this to the bottle, as the regulator that is currently connected, which does look like a factory fitted one, does not connect to the gas bottle directly?
Not sure if the photo has attached but this is all I have. Am I missing something?

Thanks again. Ian.

This is the bit you are talking about.

the tap part is missing it should come with the Cali
Zebedee Zebra did not come with this tap bit either. I thought it had been because he was a demonstrator. Got one in a camping supplies shop and all seems to work fine now.
Hi all, issue solved, as I believe this is a standard part if purchased new, and of course quite essential as it is a camper van, we have received a genuine VW adapter and all connected fine.

Thanks for all the help.