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Cali as our business vehicle?

In my previous post, I was referring to VAT and not BIK (I was responding to the previous post by Stephen) - sorry for any apparent confusion.

To clarify further then, for VAT purposes only, HMRC does not categorise any motor home/motor caravan as a 'car':

Motor homes and motor caravans

Motor homes and motor caravans aren't considered to be cars for VAT purposes so long as certain features have been incorporated into the vehicle. These are:

  • a permanently installed sink and cooking facilities
  • seating arrangements so that diners can sit at the meal table
  • at least one bed which has a minimum length of 1.82 metres
  • a permanently installed fresh water tank with a minimum capacity of ten litres
These features have been agreed between HMRC and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Interestingly, this implies that a California is not a 'car' but a Beach is - again, to be very clear, for VAT purposes only.

The best advice is (as already mentioned) to speak to your qualified accountant or financial advisor.