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Brandrup seat back storage

Hi, I have these seat pockets and it is amazing how much you can get into them, very worthwhile purchase, the only slight downside is it makes swiveling the seat a bit more time consuming.
Laetitia said:
Does anyone know if the Brandrup seat back storage compartments any good. Do they prevent clutter, or are they clutter?

I've seen these and can't decide whether to part with the cash. ... 27d44a1e26
On a slightly selfish perspective you have made wining that item a bit harder, several hundred new bidders now know about it!
Swiveling the seats is hard enough without anything hung on the back. I went for the pockets that attach to the front of the under bench sliding drawer
You're right about 'winning' the auction, but to be honest it takes me ages and ages to come to a decision about these things, so I probably wouldn't have been in time anyway. I'll end up thinking about it for ages, and then eventually do what I should have done straight away and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. :doh
Hopefully there'll be more opportunities.
Good thinking about the swivelling. I'm already causing a few scuff marks and have to open the passenger door to get that one right.

Anyway, there seems to be tons of accessories to put all those things in that roll around. I was trying to limit the things that do roll around, but you know how it... let's take everything (except the kitchen sink).
I got those Brandrup pockets that sticks to the side of the kitchencabinet behind the seat...smaler but handy and no probs swiveling the seat. Also pockets beside wardrobe obove fridge are handy.
I REALLY REALLY wanted these from the moment i saw them..but then i realised once the seats are turned round you cant get to the damn things! plus as mentioned its tricky enough swivelling the seats anyway..
we eventually bought the ones that fit at the rear base of the front seats so they stay there when the seats are swivelled.
seen in the pic here..
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I trialled having a bag in that position on our recent trip away and it was a very handy place to grab stuff from when you're stood outside on the ground (i had all our toiletries/toothbrushes/kids wipes etc in there) so we purchased them when we got back..very pleased with them..