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After reading about problems with the T6



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As a new member to this forum and an owner of a new California T6 it does seem all of us have had some problem with our new vehicles More senior well respected member who own T5 seem to have had the same sort of problems
so many niggling problems are common and some are more complicated and our dealers are in the hands of VWCS and tec support who in my case let my dealer down badly resulting in myself spending over 4 hours helping to solve my wiring problem with the master tec , I found better help to solve the problem from a member on this forum
It does seem there is nothing on the PDi inspection to test and light the gas WHY when I purchased my MH came with a certificate
Fill up the water tank and flush it and empty
check the 240v impute and check its not reverse polarity could happen if your lead you supply is not correct
Do I rush up and check the charge socket in the pop up area to see if its working
I will check if I have 4 legs on my table
when I joined the site and was excited to pick up my T6 after the warm welcome from may members all pointed me in the direction of the hand over inspection I sent it to my dealer and told him this is what I expect me to have when I arrive ( mind you I did not get two carpets with the order ) how many more did not get there's

Could I ask the more senior members to consider if there is a way of compiling a master check list that is easy to add too to make sure every owner is aware of problems and what cure was taking
To conclude how different it would be that every member is made aware of all faults as they are found and when cured what as done to fix it , then you go to your dealer tell him how to fix it or what to look at

A lot of work but I would be happy to contribute towards the costs

if the moderators feel this is not needed please delete