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Hi from the Basque Country



Donosti, Basque Country
T6.1 Ocean 150
Hi all,
Stopping by to browse the forum for tips and tricks - long time VW camper here!
Currently we have a ‘08 Caravelle which I love, but it’s time to look for something with more sleeping space. We’re tent campers on longer trips, just sleeping in the van for stopovers or weekends, but the boy needs his own bed now. Dipping a toe back in the world of van shopping is quite daunting and now isn’t really the time to buy leisure vehicles with demand as it is, but there’s a lot of research to do first and that’s where you lot come in

See you around!
:welcome Welcome and have fun doing your research!
Thanks Alison, have barely scratched the surface yet! I forsee a weekend of tea drinking and chin scratching lol
Welcome here! Great place to find intel, jokes and nice people!
Keep us posted about your research or meanwhile post a pic of your camping setup

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